How Often Do You Listen to Happy Songs?

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We all know music is extremely powerful, pulling us in and inspiring emotions like nothing else. It can stop us in our tracks so we have to listen and thoroughly absorb, mentally transport us to another time in our lives, and put a smile on our face when we feel exactly the opposite inside. This is a fascinating and enjoyable thing, as well a very useful one. Listening to music regularly is good for our mental and physical health, and listening to happy songs has been proven to noticeably boost our mood. What would happen if we used this deliberately?

When I Chose to Deliberately Listen to Happy Songs

Listening to more happy songs has had a dramatic impact on my mental health this last year.

I started collecting the songs that made me happy in a playlist. I’d even cull ones that, while they were “happy songs”, didn’t actually impact my mood for one reason or another.

When I find myself really stressed or depressed, I often stop what I’m doing (where applicable) and play some of them.

I’ve also started listening to happy songs in the car. So every time I’m in the car, I’m getting a dose of happy vibes. The whole trip has an almost unstoppable carefree mood.

This might could be used in a variety of ways. You could have a happy playlist to listen to while doing chores, set aside a time of day to do nothing but listen to music and often make that happy music, or make sure music you listen to specifically for studying is also music that makes you happy. Whatever works for your lifestyle and needs. I haven’t been listening to music during chores since I started thinking about this, but when I do it again, that’ll be the playlist I pick.

Genres and Other Songs

Some genres are more associated with happiness than others, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch your favorite types of music. As long as the song itself makes you legitimately feel happy, go with it.

And this doesn’t mean you can’t listen to other songs. We need those too. The human experience is made up of all kinds of feelings to be sung to for catharsis, to not feel alone, to figure out how to express our feelings. But you can deliberately listen to happy music more often to give yourself a powerful mood boost.




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Lara Rouse

Lara Rouse

Main dish: non-salesy, accurate, & engaging web content. SEO & copywriting on the side.

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