Copywriting: A Power Up For Links

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Links are a call-to-action, leading people to another post, a product to buy, or something else we really want someone to do. This means it is very important that people click on links.

Copywriting techniques applied to links could add an extra tool to your conversion toolkit.

Copywriting is all about using words to create a certain response in the reader, mostly to motivate them to “buy” something. Of course this applies to your call-to-actions and links.

Great all-around copywriting techniques that help with links:

  • Use “power words” and active wording in the text of your call-to-actions and links.
  • Keep your wording brief so the important message you want readers to get is clearly and quickly conveyed.
  • Apply the first and last rule. In a sentence or paragraph, the information that comes first and last are most impactful.

Specifically for links:

Select the most powerful and/or action-packed part of the sentence to highlight for the link.

Links automatically command attention in most website layouts because of their color and underline, but powerful, motivating, and/or action-packed wording is like giving someone that last push(and grabbing their attention if the design doesn’t do it for you). You got them where you want them, looking where you want them to look, but they could still turn back. That final nudge might make all the difference.

This technique may need to be tweaked if you’re working SEO in since people often want to highlight the part of the sentence that contains a keyword for the page they’re linking to. If SEO doesn’t apply to the particular page or project you’re working on, then don’t worry about a keyword. If it does, try to structure or word the sentence in such a way that both the keyword and motivating action fall in the same place to highlight. Thankfully, this combination may naturally present itself more often than not.


  • If your faucet is squealing, you probably need to replace the washer.
  • You don’t have to build furniture to make your own canopy bed.
  • Schedule a consultation with Insert Professional’s Name Here to ensure your yearly maintenance checks are completed on time.

Main dish: non-salesy, accurate, & engaging web content. SEO & copywriting on the side.

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