I’m writing this letter to tell you how glad I am that you are in the world.

Your life, your choices, your experiences have given you a unique way of looking at the world, of feeling about things that I don’t and will never see anywhere else. And you can’t mess that up. It just is. No matter what, you are valuable, important, and lovable.

Do feel free to pursue your goals and dreams, to learn and grow and become, to love and own yourself. …

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This steamy short story about a married couple overcoming extreme stress together was included in the charity anthology book, Slow Burn, The Fires that Bind Us, published by Little Quail Press in 2020, which is no longer in print. You can read it here if you think you might enjoy it, and proceeds received from claps totaling $2 or more will go to the environmental charity, NRDC, to address our increasing global wildfire crisis.


January 1, 2020

We’d heard about wildfires during Australian summer before we moved here. We even knew that they were likely to get worse each…

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How we “talk” to ourselves is extremely important, but sometimes we try to learn how to improve our self-talk and we research it or we encounter other people trying to get us to engage in positive self-talk and it ends up making us feel worse. This post might help.

Why Positive Self-Talk Doesn’t Work

Sometimes positive self-talk feels fake

There are many popular positive self-talk examples out there that can put us off.

Things like,

· I am loved.

· Everything will be okay.

· I am smart, confident, etc.

· I am doing great.

· I believe in you.

· I deserve better.

· I’m allowed to speak up.

Dark Shadows is a rare treasure, combining amazing talent with often only one take to film and limited rehearsal time. Yes, it is often campy, and, yes, there are often mistakes, but in a way, this unique situation gave me a whole new appreciation for acting as an art form.

How Dark Shadows Made Me Appreciate Acting Even More

Dark Shadows, in its rawness, gives us a mixture of an outsider and insider view of acting. We see things we don’t normally see, and it’s really pretty beautiful.

First off, I just want to say, I actually think the mistakes sometimes add to a scene. I wish they’d employ…

Cult 60s TV show Dark Shadows is most known for Barnabas Collins, the iconic vampire who first appeared on the show more than 200 episodes in, but before that, in the period now called Dark Shadows: The Beginning, we were introduced to the principle cast and saw some amazing acting and thrilling storylines, including the Phoenix and the ghost of Josette Collins.

Dark Shadows vs Dark Shadows: The Beginning

Dark Shadows: The Beginning is quite different from the main show most people are used to.

It is much more traditionally gothic, focusing on the vast and creepy dark shadows in and around the house as well as…

We probably all know that website navigation is important if you want to have an effective website, but you may not realize that bad website navigation techniques could impact your conversion and your brand’s image.

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The Basics of Website Navigation

If you invest time and money to build a website with great content and features to draw customers in, you want to make sure they can find that content. Navigation makes that possible by linking the home page to each page and each page to other relevant ones.

This is its basic, primary function, and one that you should definitely ensure is working correctly.


  • This is an excerpt from my short story collection, The Breaking.
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Ava reclined with her Bible in the backyard while two of her children and some of their friends played in the pool. She read the verse, Micah 6:8, for the third time, feeling she should probably consider it for a sermon but she couldn’t figure out how to round out the points on mercy and humility. Why was she struggling with it?, she wondered. More importantly, why hadn’t thought about this before?

The children began to get rowdy. There was angry yelling and splashing and a growl. She lifted…

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CBD oil is still such a new concept that many people are hesitant, wondering, “is CBD oil safe.” This is a valid question. Of course, you want to understand the benefits and risks when using a product, particularly when you’re considering using it for your health. This post will arm you with knowledge to determine what you think.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

There isn’t an easy answer to this question, so I’ll go over the details.

The History of CBD Oil

Cannabis has a past dating back to prehistory. It is said that Emperor Shen Nung of China recommended cannabis tea for many ailments including gout, rheumatism, absent-mindedness, constipation…

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Do you want to be a writer, but you’re scared? A blank piece of paper or document waiting for you to supply all the ideas, words, and structure can be painfully intimidating. Writing out your feelings can also be daunting. But you don’t have to be stuck this way. I have some fun exercises to get you writing.

I want to be a writer, but I’m scared!

Write fan fiction

Before you say, “But I said I was too scared to write,” I’m going to eliminate most of the obstacles.

Take a scene from a movie, book, or tv show that is really meaningful to you and relate it on paper or…

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